Can you resolve legal disputes without the stress, time and cost that come with litigation? The answer is yes!

Mediation is the solution.  This form of alternative dispute resolution is dedicated to helping people address their legal disputes without the pitfalls that come with a courtroom battle.  Remember, lawsuits are expensive and can take up to years to resolve.  One can spend thousands of dollars on attorney fees before any sort of settlement is perceptible.  During this time, if children are involved, the pressure of litigation can take a toll on them as well.

Hale believes compassion and communication are often missing from legal disputes.  This can lead parties down a contentious path.  Mediation provides an opportunity to explore an issue from all angles, stretch past the barriers that are precluding families from reaching agreements; including the emotional aspects of the situation.   Hale takes pride in working towards successful resolution quickly, thoroughly and amicably.   By neutrally breaking past communication barriers, couples and/or families can express their individual needs and formulate plans that will ultimately lead to a settlement agreement that satisfies all involved.

Productive Communication is the Key to Problem Solving

In the past, Hale worked as a teacher and writer.   In her classrooms, she saw first-hand how communication can make a difference in people’s lives.   She worked with high-risk students in an effort to reduce the drop-out rate and learned that respect and the ability to listen was needed to help young people make the best choices.  She has transferred her kindness, understanding and patience to her mediation practice.

Nowadays, she uses that experience to help children, adults and families resolve their issues peacefully.   It is possible to resolve disputes without putting the fate of your family in the hands of the court system.

Mediation Saves Families

Hale’s focus is primarily family mediation.   She works with those trying to resolve custody matters, divorce settlements and elder care issues.   Hale has seen how the innocent members of a family are often the ones most damaged when relatives are unable to see eye to eye.   Her goal is to be the neutral party and act as the voice of those blameless victims and help families resolve issues without the contention that can damage relationships long-term.

If you would like to know more about mediation or you are ready to schedule a consultation with Susanne Hale, contact her today at 954-298-4422 or susanne@familycomesfirstmediation.com.