Co-Parenting Coordination

Many parents choose to remain in an unhappy marriage solely in an effort to avoid the pain their children will experience as the result of a divorce.  Child support, time sharing and varying parenting styles are some of the most important issues that arise during and after a divorce.  Fortunately, there is a way to move on from an unhappy marriage, while still keeping your children healthy and happy.  Parent coordination helps manage ongoing issues of high-conflict for parents during or even after a divorce and gives parents an opportunity to resolve lingering tensions efficiently and in a manner that is best for the children.

When personal issues are settled in a courtroom, it feels as if nobody wins.  The court and/ or lawyers attempt to do what is best for the child, but the volatile path to a resolution is painful for children of all ages.  Parent coaching removes the volatility from the situation and allows parents to examine issues from all sides.  Each parent has his or her say during the process and in the end resolved issues suit each family individually.  The decision making process is peaceful, civil, personal and child-focused.  By reducing parental conflict the risk factors that influence a child’s post-divorce adjustment are also decreased.