Collaborative Divorce

Many families find that collaborative divorce is the best way for them to transition from one phase of their life to another.  Divorce can be difficult for everyone in a family, so finding a civilized, respectful way to accomplish the transition is essential for protecting everyone’s well-being.  Instead of battling out the issues that arise during a divorce in a courtroom, collaborative divorce leaves the control in the hands of those who are affected most.  Divorcing couples make choices about their future, instead of leaving the arrangement in the hands of strangers.

The idea of divvying up finances and make decisions about the care of children is intimidating.  Couples with the best intentions often find themselves in volatile arguments over the issues related to divorce.  Collaborative divorce provides the support couples need to make important decisions for their families.  The process involves assembling a team of experts that is specifically geared to the needs of a family.  Whether it is financial assistance, real estate guidance, or child psychology advice that is required, the collaborative divorce team works with the couple, their attorneys, and a neutral mediator to help them create the best arrangement possible for their divorce.