Family Mediation

Mediation is an efficient and effective tool that can be used to settle a variety of disputes.  It is especially useful when disputes involve family members.  Never is there a more important opportunity to preserve relationships than when they are affected by disputes within a family.  Even after the initial dispute is settled, family members must continue to interact with one another, making important decisions that affect their loved ones.  Mediation makes it possible to settle even the most contentious disputes, while still preserving family bonds, in an informal and confidential manner.

In addition to the emotional benefits of mediation, there are practical ones as well.  Mediation is less expensive and less time consuming than using litigation to settle disputes.  It puts the disputing parties in complete control of the outcome – something that is essential when the resolutions sought affect the lives of the family’s most vulnerable members.  Finally, mediation provides an opportunity to truly move forward once a problem is resolved.  The feelings of resentment and betrayal that occur as the result of litigation are often not a problem when a dispute is settled through mediation.

Mediation is entirely confidential and discussions are always “without prejudice.” It is a very honest, open and frank way of resolving disputes.