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Family Mediation with Children

When I started my company I chose to name it Family Comes First Mediation, because no matter how many divorces or paternity cases I do; family will always be a top priority. When children are involved the concept of family has nothing to do with divorce or separation. A parent is always a parent; therefore forever remain the child’s family. Whether choosing to co-parent with ease or talk as little as possible, they will forever be connected on some level. And this is crucial in the life of a child.

As a mediator I remain a neutral party. I keep the lines of communication open, brainstorm ideas, possibly teach empathy and assist in the decision making process. It is my goal to assist couples looking to end a relationship peacefully, while keeping children’s best interest in mind. Together we can negotiate an acceptable agreement that will reduce stress, keep all parties on amicable terms and significantly reduce the cost associated with the litigation. This is of great value to all involved; including the children.

Mediation has the ability to help parties learn to communicate again, if only for the sake of the children, and to make their post-relationship better and easier on all involved. Settling conflicts is extremely important to couples with children simply because although the relationship between the parents has come to an end; the role as parents never ends. Keeping those roles as amicable as possible can only benefit the children; in the same way that constant fighting can only harm children. No child is comfortable with parents in constant crisis, but rather need to know they have parents they can depend on to make good decisions for them. Mediation, and possibly a skilled parent coordinator, can help to make the transition as easy as possible for all involved.

Using Family Mediation to Help Settle Parenting Issues

When it comes to raising children, there can be many issues that have to be decided on. It is not always in the best interest of the parents or children to battle out issues related to raising children in the courts. Using the family courts to settle every potential issue that could arise when it comes to parenting a child is time-consuming and expensive. It is also not the best way to reach a decision where the parents both feel like they have been heard and that their concerns are met.

Through using family mediation, parents can reach decisions when it comes to raising children largely on their own, with the assistance of a family mediator. Many of the decisions when it comes to raising children together can be reached in mediation. Some of the resolutions that could be decided on could be custody, medical expenses and insurance, desire for children to be raised in a specific religious environment, which holidays the children spend with which parent or dividing up expenses for education, lessons, sports or other interests of the child can all be decided upon without court intervention if the parents are willing to work together with a mediator.

Because of the very nature of mediation, where both parents have input when it comes to decisions being made in regard to raising their children, it is much more likely that parents will have an agreement that they view as being fair, and therefore will be agreed upon and reinforced as time moves on. When both parents have input when it comes to such an agreement, rather than a judge making the decision for the parents, which can result in neither parent getting what they want, the outcome is more favorable for the entire family.