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That First New Year’s Eve Alone

If you are in the midst of a divorce or have finally settled, this may be your first New Year’s Eve alone. I am here to tell you that it will all be ok. Actually this can be looked at as a pivotal moment in your life. New Year’s is generally a time of starting over and making resolutions. Begin again. Allow December 31st to be your stepping stone toward a new kind of happiness.

Perhaps you have been invited to parties. Decide if you are ready to attend a party solo and if you are not, then make other plans. Maybe you want to spend the evening with friends; friends who have been one of your greatest resources during your divorce. Maybe you have your children for New Year’s Eve. What a great opportunity to talk about your new family life and how it will look.

Do something fun with your children to bring in the new year with them. Just spending time with the kids at this time of year is a great chance to bond. Maybe you want to make a special meal together, set the table, put out candles and toast to your new lives. Perhaps you want to have a movie or game marathon in your pajamas. If you and your kids have an artsy side try giving the kids a stack of magazines; let them cut out pictures of things they want to see/be/do in the New Year. Or give them a pre-made “resolution” sheet to decorate and write dreams on. Write yours as well. This is another opportunity to talk positively and bond with your children.

The main thing about New Year’s is remembering that this is your new beginning. Declare that this is going to be a better year; a year of change. Remind yourself that divorce; while painful, has given you the chance for this new beginning – a beginning that can be optimistic and bright. Here’s to 2016 and to you!