“I felt like someone had built a bridge for my family when I left my initial meeting with Family Comes First Mediation. For the first time in months, we were moving forward with my son’s best interest first and foremost. There was no fighting, there was communication. I am so grateful that I found them.”

Raquel S., October 2014

“I had heard horrible stories about what my friends had gone through and I was scared that my divorce would be as painful and expensive as theirs had been. But then we met with Susanne and my ex-husband and I were able to find common ground and spend a whole lot less to come to an agreement. My ex-husband and I may never be friends, but at least we learned how to communicate and put our children ahead of everything.”

Tatiana D., December 2014

“Before Family Comes First Mediation, my ex-wife and I couldn’t have a conversation about anything; money, kids, visitation…But with FCFM, we learned how to talk to each other and to remember what was important. It wasn’t about what she did or I did anymore; it is about what does our sons’ needs.”

Levy F., March 2015

“Every time my ex-husband and I even tried to co-parent it turned into a fight and I knew it wasn’t healthy for my girls. I convinced their father that seeing a parent plan coach could keep us out of court again and it did. Ms. Hale made it more comfortable to get through the small stuff that was holding us back from being the kind of parents we really want to be. She introduced us to alternative ways to co-parent without awful words and criticism. It isn’t perfect, but it is apparent that our girls seem happier already. I only wish we went to Family Comes First Mediation sooner.”

Anna, May 2015